Engineering Manager
  • Category | Quality
  • Experience | 5+ Y
  • Location | Fremont, CA
  • Education | Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Recruiting Number | 1
  • English | Fluent
  • Release time | 2020-11-04
● Responsible for developing and maintaining Quality Assurance policies to maximize profitability, improve quality, and assuring customer acceptance of the company’s products 
● Ensure products are designed to meet quality and reliability standard 
● Develop, implement and maintain a statistical Quality Assurance Program that will begin at the R&D stage to eventually minimize production stoppages 
● Monitor quality performance and highlights quality problem areas and recommends and implements solutions 
● Drive for prevention activities 
● Lead product failure analysis to identify the root causes of the failure with a systematic approach. Perform engineering analysis and characterization of the failures, Perform engineering failure modeling based on part construction/structure analysis, Perform engineering failure simulation by conducting DOE (design of experiment) to simulate part application environment condition 
● Issue Failure Analysis Report to customer and internal teams 
● Address customer concerns regarding quality of company products 
● Identify opportunities for continued quality improvement 
● Lead joint development project with IBM on cobalt-free lithium battery technology.
● achelor’s in a science or engineering field plus at least five years’ post-graduate progressive experience as quality manager
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