Sidus & IBM
Sidus LEO Battery Technology is the revolutionary new cobalt-free battery electrochemistry from IBM, and its continued advancement.
Sidus Energy and IBM signed the Technology Transfer and Joint Development Agreement on September 24, 2019.
● IBM transferred its advanced cobalt-free battery technology and IP to Sidus Energy
● IBM and Sidus Energy entered joint development agreement
n addition to partnering with IBM, Sidus Energy also collaborates with Mercedes-Benz (MB) as battery customer and Central Glass (CG) as material supplier to accelerate the development of this unique battery electrochemistry. With a shared vision, each partner brings their value and perspective to the ecosystem and works together as a team to advance and commercialize this new battery technology.
Extended Partnerships
LEO technology is based on revolutionary new Cobalt-free electrochemistry. Sidus Energy is joining force with strategic suppliers to
develop key materials and expand capacity for growing demand.
Superior performances of LEO batteries will not only enhance existing applications but also enable new applications. Sidus Energy
welcomes clients in different fields to explore new frontiers together.